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NCGR Boston

The National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) is a non-profit member organization that supports education and research exploring the relationship between cosmic patterns, earthly events and human affairs. We have the most active and accomplished astrological education system in the country. The Boston Chapter is the second largest NCGR chapter. We meet approximately once a month, September through November, and March through June, usually on Saturdays. (The New England winters and weather-related cancellations make snow-season meetings too hard on all involved.) Our workshops are dedicated to increasing astrological knowledge and to providing a sense of community for those interested in astrology. All who are interested are welcome.

Saturday, December 12, 2020, 1 PM
Janet Booth
Tracking the rulers of the Sun and Rising sign across a lifetime
With so much to look at in charts and forecasting, it’s easy to drown in details. Going back to the basics can be very revealing! Using famous people’s charts and (time permitting) data provided in advance by participants (their own or those of people they want to examine), we’ll follow the rulers of the Sun and Rising signs across a lifetime to see high and low points indicated by progressions, returns and transits.as individuals’ charts. An Anaretic planet might not be ‘fated’ but rather a sign of anticipation for something better to emerge.



Ceres & Pluto & The BP Oil Spill & This Summer’s Cardinal Climax by Joyce Levine

On August 24, 2006, astronomers upgraded Ceres to a dwarf planet and downgraded Pluto to a dwarf planet.  When a new planet is found (or in this case elevated), it generally signifies that major world changes are likely to come about. (Uranus heralded individual freedom and with it the American and French Revolutions; Pluto brought atomic […]


A Universe Within by Mark Wolz

Consider the universe as a vibrant, pulsating field of energy. Stars radiate light, planets rotate and revolve through their cycles, asteroids shuttle around in their orbits, comets streak along their paths. Now look into an electron microscope: Every molecule is a field of energy; the atoms are clusters of neutrons, protons and electrons swirling about. […]


Astrology and Relationships By Pat Taglilatelo

Can you relate to these scenarios?  You meet a potential love interest and immediately begin counting the ways your charts interact. “Your Moon makes a trine to my Ascendant; my Moon conjoins your Venus.  And your Ascendant forms a sextile to my Midheaven.” You look forward to getting to know this person better. Or perhaps […]